RoboCup@Work is a new competition in RoboCup that targets the use of robots in work-related scenarios.

It aims to foster research and development that enables use of innovative mobile robots equipped with advanced manipulators for current and future industrial applications, where robots cooperate with human workers for complex tasks ranging from manufacturing, automation, and parts handling up to general logistics.

The above text and pictures are from the RoboCup@Work official website.



Please click here to access the rules page of the RoboCup@Work official website.

The following materials must be submitted for the qualification process:

- Team Description Paper (TDP)
- Video

Final date for TDP submission is : February 19, 2020 , for more information regarding important dates please use this link.


Technical Committee

Tachnical Committee Chair:

  • Dr. Saeed Shiry Ghidary. Amirkabir University of Technology

Tachnical Committee Members:

  • Mir Alireza Athari, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology
  • Pouya Mansournia, Qazvin Islamic Azad University (Organizer Committee Member of International Robocup Federation in @Wrok League)
  • Sajjad Serajzadeh, Mashhad Islamic Azad University
  • Mohammadali Kamkar, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch

Teams Summary

Name Leader Number of members Affiliation Country Status Payment
CHISTA Suhair Salehi 9 Chista Institute of Industrial Technology Iran Confirmed Incomplete
ARURA @WORK Mehran Ghoratolhamid 11 Islamic Azad University-Najafabad Branch Iran Confirmed Incomplete
ACE IAUK Alireza Abdolkarimi 1 Islamic Azad University Of Kerman Iran Confirmed Incomplete
I.R.A Faramarz Daemi Mojdehi 2 Iran Robotic Academy Iran Confirmed Incomplete
MRL@WORK Vahid Rostami 2 Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU) Iran Confirmed Incomplete
SHN Seyed Hessam Nasehi 13 هنرستان شهید دکتر مفتح Iran Confirmed Incomplete
YRA Mohammad Mehran Lesan Sedgh 9 Islamic Azad University YAZD Branch Iran Confirmed Incomplete
A.I-Robot Ahmad Reza Mohammadi 9 آزاد Iran Confirmed Incomplete
CMS Mohammad Javad Jafari 2 آزاد Iran Rejected Incomplete
piotic Mohamad hasan Karimi 3 piotic research group Iran Rejected Incomplete
avrin elec.co pouria zeinali 1 avrin group .co Iran Rejected Incomplete
Artificial Intelligence Ahmad Reza Mohammadi 7 - Iran Rejected Incomplete
Visto kamran kamranifard 1 vistogroup Iran Rejected Incomplete
aec hossein hashemipoor 1 دانشگاه ازاد کرمان Iran Rejected Incomplete