Middle Size Intelligent Deminer Robots


 In this competition the deminer robots search the buried mined autonomously and try to mark the detected mines in proper map. Each robot is equipped with a mine detector and searches the area using developed algorithms. Robots should try to find more mines in less time. They area contains obstacles which robots should avoid them. Teams must generate a map of the mines at end of the game

for more information go to the Rules.

Teams Summary

Name Leader Number of members Affiliation Country Status Payment
Robust Alireza Ahmadi Bozorg 1 None Iran Pending Incomplete
RRLD Ali Rahmani 1 آزاد Iran Pending Incomplete
Abiro Erfan Naderi 1 آزاد Iran Pending Incomplete
Blue Bird Hadi Zakeri 1 None Iran Pending Incomplete
Miner Mehrad Ehsani 1 Simon Fraser University Canada Pending Incomplete
HBNK Seyed Hadi Nasehi 1 هنرستانهای برق ناحیه یک کرمان Iran Pending Incomplete
khavaran hasan sedigh 7 دانشگاه خاوران Iran Pending Incomplete
Abol Abar Farz 1 آزاد Zambia Pending Incomplete
ESPAD JAVAD Dastanpour hossein ababdi 2 مستقل Iran Pending Incomplete
Naser Naser Melon 1 آزاد Romania Pending Incomplete
nova alireza saleh 1 ازاد Iran Pending Incomplete