Self Driving Car


According to the statistics, 90% of road accidents are due to human error, and about 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. Self-driving cars which can ensure safety of people and vehichles are becoming more valuable everyday. Therefore, in this competition, our priority is safety. That means in scoring, obeying rules and driving safe, have more score than finishing in time. The competition's objective is the development of a 1/10 scale self-driving electric car that must accomplish different tasks, such as lane-keeping, acting according  to traffic signs, giving way, parking, emergency braking, etc.

The above text is from the RoboCup@Work official Rulebook.  


Participation in the Competition

Participation in Self-Driving cars league requires successfully passing a qualification procedure. This procedure is to ensure the quality of the competition event and the safety of participants.


Steps to Participate
All teams that intend to participate at the competition have to perform the following steps:
1.  Preregistration (by sending email to the TC)
2.  Submission of qualification material, including a team description paper and possibly additional material like videos or drawings.
3.  Final registration (qualified teams only)
All dates and concrete procedures will be communicated in due time in advance.


•  There is no limit on number of team members.
•  The same members between the two teams are allowed if the robots of the two teams are completely different in software and hardware. It is up to the technical committee to determine this.

Team Description Paper

The Team Description Paper (TDP) is a central element of the qualification process and has to be provided by each team as part of the qualification process. The TDP should at least contain the following information in the author/title section of the paper:
•   Name of the team (title)
•   Team members (authors), including the team leader
•   Link to the team web site (if any)
•   Contact information
The body of the TDP should contain information on the following:
•   focus of research/research interest
•   description of the hardware, including an image of the robot
•   description of the software, esp. the functional and software architectures
•   innovative technology (if any)
•   applicability and relevance to real-world tasks
The team description paper should cover in detail the technical and scientific approach.

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Teams Summary

Name Leader Number of members Affiliation Country Status Payment
AA dfsf qfef 2 - Iran Pending Incomplete
Jaguar Seyed Rahim Jebreili 10 Independent Iran Pending Incomplete
khavaran hasan sedigh 7 دانشگاه خاوران Iran Pending Incomplete
SBU AV Farbod Younesi 5 Shahid Beheshti University Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Big O Sina Shamsadini 7 independent Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Persian Gazelle Ali Haddad 5 University of Tehran Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Solar Sheedeh Sharif Bakhtiar 3 Farna Iran Confirmed Incomplete
MRL-SDC Hamid Ghadiri 5 Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU) Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Isfahan Auto-Run Farhad Adibi Sedeh 5 University of Isfahan Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Brakeless Mahdi Eftekharifar 6 University of resalat Iran Confirmed Incomplete
UTMT Mohammadreza Nakhaei Nezhad 4 University of Tehran Iran Confirmed Incomplete
ARAD TEAM Hossein MohammadiFar 1 پیشگامان اطلاعات آراد Iran Rejected Incomplete
SUT Robotics Najmeh Eghbal 12 دانشگاه صنعتی سجاد مشهد Iran Rejected Incomplete