Small Size Intelligent Deminer Robots


 In this competition the deminer robots search the buried mined autonomously and try to mark the detected mines in proper map. Each robot is equipped with a mine detector and searches the area using developed algorithms. Robots should try to find more mines in less time. They area contains obstacles which robots should avoid them. Teams must generate a map of the mines at end of the game

for more information go to the Rules.

Teams Summary

Name Leader Number of members Affiliation Country Status Payment
CRA Shayan Mesdaghi 1 سازمان تنظیم مقررات رادیویی شمال غرب Iran Pending Incomplete
PosiTivE mohsen hemati 2 آزاد Iran Pending Incomplete
shahid sepahboud soleymani engineer ahad 1 free Iran Pending Incomplete
ESPAD JAVAD Dastanpour hossein ababdi 2 مستقل Iran Pending Incomplete
CHISTA Suhair Salehi 9 Chista Institute of Industrial Technology Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Mineup ?Amirhossein Hajiamini NajafAbadi 6 دانشگاه سمنان Iran Confirmed Incomplete
RTL Pooya Farmahini Farahani 2 Arak Islamic Azad University Iran Confirmed Incomplete
zr_positive mohsen hemmati 2 آزاد Iran Confirmed Incomplete
nicky tesla ali pakdelnia 4 دانشگا آزاد اسلامی نجف آباد Iran Confirmed Incomplete
SHN Seyed Hessam Nasehi 13 هنرستان شهید دکتر مفتح Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Fast And Smart Hossein Babaki 4 پژوهش سرای حاج امرالله خبازی Iran Confirmed Incomplete