Soccer 2D Simulation

In the 2D Simulation League, two teams of eleven autonomous software programs (called agents) each play soccer in a two-dimensional virtual soccer stadium represented by a central server, called SoccerServer. This server knows everything about the game, i.e. the current position of all players and the ball, the physics and so on. The game further relies on the communication between the server and each agent. On the one hand each player receives relative and noisy input of his virtual sensors (visual, acoustic and physical) and may on the other hand perform some basic commands (like dashing, turning or kicking) in order to influence its environment.

more informations: Soccer Simulation 2D Page



Qualification Materials:

  • Team Description Paper
  • Executable binary files compressed in one archive file.
  • All teams should have significant scientific effort on their bases (if any).

All the teams that have qualified for Robocup 2019, can be registered without uploading any of the above materials.

All the teams should register till 14th of January.

Teams should send their qualification materials via email to, before *. The subject of email should be “Qualification Materials - TEAMNAME”. Please attach all the files to a single email. After sending your qualification materials, you will receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive it within 72 hours, please contact the technical committee.



In addition to the 2D Soccer Simulation competition, we would also have 2 extra parts including technical challenge and presentation. All the relative information would be available soon.

To Iranian teams, we strictly recommend to check rules on the Persian page. Please check this page regularly to be informed about any probable change in Rule.

Do not hesitate to contact with,, if you need further information.


Technical Committee

Technical Committee Chair:

  • Eslam Nazemi, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

Technical Committee Members:

  • Pooria Kaviani, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
  • Seyed Emad Mohamadi, University of Tehran, Iran
  • Ali Safari, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
  • Armin Sadreddin, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Iran


Teams Summary

Name Leader Number of members Affiliation Country Status Payment
Enigma Mahdi Shemshadi 3 Shiraz University of Technology Iran Confirmed Completed
MT2020 Shengbing Chen 7 Institute of artificial intelligence and big data, Hefei University, Anhui Province, P.R.China, 230601 China Confirmed Incomplete
Nexus2D mahdi akbari zarkesh 3 دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Doppler Strikes Kiarash Kanani 4 SRBIAU Iran Confirmed Incomplete
KN2C Maryam Teimouri 4 K. N. Toosi University of Technology Iran Confirmed Incomplete
RoboCIn Cristiano Santos de Oliveira? 8 Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE)
 Brazil Confirmed Incomplete
CYRUS Nader Zare 11 Atomic Energy High School Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Namira shahryar bahmaee 1 دانشگاه شیراز Iran Confirmed Incomplete
YuShan2020 ZeKai Cheng 6 Department of Computer Science, AnHui University of Technology,MaAnShan,P.R.China China Confirmed Incomplete
RAZI Morteza Noohpisheh 8 پژوهشسرای شیراز Iran Confirmed Incomplete
Riton Masoud Alavi 3 Technical University Darmstadt Germany Confirmed Incomplete
Big O Sina Shamsadini 6 independent Iran Rejected Incomplete
Iris 5 - Iran Rejected Incomplete
Alpha-X Reza Etemadi Idgahi 1 University of Texas at Arlington United States of America Rejected Incomplete
IAU Central Mohammad Hadi Mirjalili 1 Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch Iran Rejected Incomplete