Tele-Operated Deminer Robots


In this competition the deminer robots search for buried mines in a rough terrain. The robots should have ability to move in natural ground surface which might have ramps, canals, small hills and inland waterway.

The robots are Teleoperated and an operator sitting far from robot and having no direct view from the area controls movement of the robot. When a robot detects a mine, it is reported to the Operator via wireless communication to mark the position of the mine.

The robot should have the ability to displace the mines which are above the ground and move them to a safe place. Also they must be capable of extracting underground mines.

More information about this league can be found in the Rules.

Teams Summary

Name Leader Number of members Affiliation Country Status Payment
ARC Yasin halalipour 1 ندارد Iran Pending Incomplete
piotic Mohamad hasan Karimi 1 piotic research group Iran Pending Incomplete
A.R.C reza moridsadat 1 مجتمع رباتیک اهواز Iran Pending Incomplete
RRLD Ali Rahmani 1 آزاد Iran Pending Incomplete
Abiro Erfan Naderi 1 آزاد Iran Pending Incomplete
nova alireza saleh 2 ازاد Iran Pending Incomplete
sniper Mehran gholam alizadeh 1 ازاد Iran Pending Incomplete
مقداد Mohammad husein Husein zadeh 1 سرپرست Iran Pending Incomplete
Abol Abar Farz 1 آزاد Zambia Pending Incomplete
Naser Naser Melon 1 آزاد Romania Pending Incomplete
ESPAD JAVAD Dastanpour hossein ababdi 2 مستقل Iran Pending Incomplete
src Naser Lotfivand 6 - Iran Confirmed Incomplete
B.R.B HASSAN Alijanpour 3 آزاد Iran Confirmed Incomplete
رویان mohsen nikseresht 6 موسسه رویان صنعت طبرستان Iran Confirmed Incomplete